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Three Art and Design Books for Your Summer 2024 Reading List

Barbie fashions that are a perfect fit, the artistic prowess of basket maker Jeremy Frey, and inspiring homes on the New England coast.

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Barbie™: The World Tour, by Margot Robbie and Andrew Mukamal

With the official slogan “You can be anything,” the movie Barbie proved that—and much more—when it hit the silver screen last year. Breaking global box-office records, garnering numerous awards, and inspiring plenty of fashionable looks, it’s no surprise lead actress/producer Margot Robbie and her stylist Andrew Mukamal joined forces to deliver this glamorous guidebook, which features a variety of Barbie’s most iconic outfits—plus curated vintage pieces—that were recreated by some of today’s top designers for the movie’s press tour. From Giorgio Armani to Donatella Versace, looks that were inspired by the original dolls became life-size, red-carpet showstoppers. These items, in addition to those that didn’t make the tour, are on display in these pages along with the dolls, history, and styles that have captivated audiences for more than six decades.

$55, Rizzoli, buy here.

Jeremy Frey: Woven, by Jaime de Simone, Ramey Mize, Theresa Secord, Dakota Hoska, and Andrew James Hamilton

As an award-winning Indigenous basket maker, Jeremy Frey is renowned for his exceptional craftsmanship, and at last, there is a book available for the masses that celebrates his impressive work. In fact, Jeremy Frey: Woven is the only catalog of its kind, and it was compiled to accompany Frey’s first major traveling exhibition. Celebrated for his detailed designs and artistry, Frey hails from an extensive line of basket makers, and his pieces reflect traditional techniques that seamlessly blend with his unique creative vision. Within this collection, each author focuses on a range of viewpoints about Frey’s oeuvre. For example, de Simone covers his work within the sphere of contemporary art and highlights Frey’s new video work, while Secord provides an in-depth biographical essay about the artist himself.

$50, Rizzoli Electa, buy here.

New England Coastal: Homes That Tell a Story, by Mark A. Hutker, with Kyle Hoepner

From Martha’s Vineyard to Vermont, there’s a lot to love about New England—especially dreamy coastal summer escapes. Each home tells a unique story about its history, which architect Mark A. Hutker and his award-winning firm have been showcasing with a contemporary sensibility for several decades. Whether it’s modern, multilevel dwellings or bespoke farmhouses infused with tradition yet designed to meet the current needs of everyday living, enticing examples abound. This compilation features stories of 13 residences and captures the magic of their transformations through more than 200 original photographs, along with insightful writings that include numerous never-before-published dwellings in local destinations such as Boston, Falmouth, and Plymouth.

$60, Monacelli Press, buy here.

First published in the print edition of Boston Home’s Summer 2024 issue, with the headline “By the Book.”