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Abbi Matheson

Abbi Matheson, Editorial Intern at Boston Magazine

Abbi Matheson is an editorial intern at Boston magazine. She has previously contributed to Boston Common magazine and is the current editor-in-chief of 'The Hub' at Emmanuel College, where she is a senior studying communications and media studies. Matheson's interests include keeping up with the latest news, finding vegetarian-friendly restaurants in the city, and watching Law & Order: SVU.

Free Speech Bus
City Life

The Anti-Transgender “Free Speech Bus” Is Coming to Boston


Arts & Entertainment

Chelsea Clinton Is Publishing a She Persisted Book

Mitch McConnell is quite the inspirational figure for women.

City Life

Manny Ramirez Gets Unlimited Sushi While Playing in Japan

Now we know why he signed there!

City Life

Boston Will Have “A Day Without a Woman”

Here’s how to support the protest.

City Life

There’s an All-Female Ride-Sharing App in Boston

Safr has only lady drivers.

Arts & Entertainment

There’s Going to Be More Louis C.K. on Netflix

Expect two new standup specials.


A Boston Marathon Documentary Hits Theaters This Spring

The film premieres April 15.


The Wahlbergs Are Being Sued

By former Wahlburgers business partners.

Arts & Entertainment

Watch the First Trailer for Amy Poehler’s New Movie

She’s paired up with Will Ferrell for “The House.”

Arts & Entertainment

Matt Damon Brought His Kimmel Feud to Ellen

He just can’t let it go, can he?

Arts & Entertainment

Seth Meyers Found Tom Brady’s Missing Jersey

A diehard Pats fan wore it to his show.

Arts & Entertainment

Two Pats Players Make an Appearance on Jimmy Kimmel

Is that really TB12 under that helmet?

City Life

545 Employees of Mass. Companies Were Affected by Travel Ban

They’re mentioned in a lawsuit filed by the companies.

Arts & Entertainment

The MFA Is Throwing Down for the Super Bowl

Get ready for paintings with Pats hats.

Arts & Entertainment

Jenny Slate Faked Appendicitis as a Child

Not actually a good plan.