Alexandra Hall


Superfresh fish at a steakhouse? Killer crab at a Chinese restaurant? It’s true. Dive into these unexpected troves of standout seafood.

Little Wonders

Get out of the saccharine rut your kids are wearing and start dressing them like the miniature adults they are.

A Shining Moment

There is something to be said for demure beachwear — but we’re definitely not saying it now.

Agritourism might be in, but can a city girl really learn to love the farm life? Alexandra Hall sacrifices her Manolos to find out.

If Parisian sass and Yankee class had a love child, it would look like this.

First Bite: 94 Mass Ave

94 Mass Ave overcomes its location’s troubled past.

The Big Deals

In search of the ultimate dining bargains — from high- to lowbrow, and everything in between.

Sea and Be Scene

Nantucket goes from prep to glam.

Destination Dining

More than ever before, there is culinary life beyond our city’s borders. Food lovers, ready your maps.

Fit to Be Tried

Bathing-suit season looms large. Alas, so does your waistline. Alexandra Hall finds the best workouts to get you ready.

Step Away From The Egg

Just because eggs-as-condiment are the latest Big Thing doesn’t mean they belong on every last dish.

Tired Old Chestnut

Chestnut Hill used to be the peak of suburban shopping decadence. Now? Well, there’s plenty of good parking available.

The 50 Most Powerful Women in Boston

In more ways and fields than ever, these women are stepping up and taking the reins in Boston: Meet the players who pull the strings in Boston.

Carried Away

Check out local design deity Meichi Peng’s new Peng No. 2 shoulder-strap medium tote.

50 Best Restaurants 2010

You can’t dine out four times a week without developing an opinion or two. And when it comes to local restaurant recommendations, guidebooks and concierges have nothing on our well-fed staff. High-end or casual, veteran or upstart, these 50 kitchens have earned a spot on our shortlist of great eats.