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Alexandra Hall

The juiciest bits from an opinionated new book on the Cape Wind dustup.

Beach Screed

A historic Lexington home offers guests grounds for return.

Outside Influence

$10,000 dinner parties. Live showgirls. Blowtorches aplenty. Welcome to the city’s new extreme social scene.

The Seven New Rules for the Proper Boston Host

A local fashion guru tells us where she goes for a night of summer treats.

Zipping Around

As the charismatic general manager of the Four Seasons, Robin Brown raised the bar on glamour in Boston. With his new project, the Mandarin Oriental, he's cashing in on his reputation–and pushing Boston to the next level of luxury.

Celebrating the holiday season doesn't have to be high pressure. Curt Carpenter and Natalie van Dijk Carpenter, owners of the South End home furnishings emporium Lekker, join forces with chef pal and neighbor Barbara Lynch to throw together a festive

Whether on his PBS cooking show or in his magazine, Cook's Illustrated, Christopher Kimball has perfected the art of getting food exactly right. But when relaxing with his family at their Vermont farmhouse, he entertains friends in laid-back summer s

Actress and proud Massachusetts liberal Elizabeth Banks speaks out about Spider-Man, women presidents, and the Sox.

Boston's powerful, wealthy, and generous first families made this city one of the most educated and cultured in the country. So what are their descendants doing with the famous names and family fortunes they inherited?

Can big bucks and big names really gentrify the former Combat Zone? It doesn't matter: The Ladder District's current clash of high and low culture carries its own enviable status.

Celebs buzz about his restaurants. But Michael Schlow just wants to talk about the food.

They hook up online. They hook up in real life. With prom season looming, meet your kids — they might know more about sex than you do.

Add the raw, natural beauty of Martha's Vineyard to the colorful entertaining style of a fashion accessories designer, and what have you got? A great summer dinner in a fantasy setting.

From Botox to microdermabrasion, the new brigade of fast, relatively cheap, and pain-free cosmetic procedures claims it can both erase the years and perfect us in a lunch hour. But does it really make a difference?

Nobody likes to feel cramped in their own home. From a small house with big ambitions to a big house with challenging dimensions, the stories that follow prove it's always possible to do more with less.