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Alyssa Giacobbe

Space Shifter

A Newbury Street boutique finds beauty in its second act.

Bright Ideas

These bags make a statement. And that statement is: I will look incredibly good on your arm.

Almost Famous

Ayla Brown, the elder daughter of U.S. Senator Scott Brown, is destined to be a star. Just ask her.

Admissions of Guilt?

Adam Wheeler was hardly the first student to be accused of faking his way into the most hallowed grounds of academia — and he won’t be the last. Welcome to the new era of dishonesty.

The Treasure Tail

How to navigate Cape Cod’s flea markets, from Falmouth to Wellfleet.

Who Failed Phoebe Prince
City Life

Who Failed Phoebe Prince?

High school was hell for Phoebe Prince. But it didn’t have to be deadly.

On Location: Inman Square

Inman Square has retained the bohemian feel that’s drawn hippie kids to places like Ryles jazz club since the ’70s.

Sextracurricular Activities

Sextracurricular Activities

When an abstinence club at Harvard got a little too preachy, a student group sprang up to defend a campus activity few thought would ever be imperiled: college kids having sex.

Puff Daddy

A Harvard biomedical engineer has come up with a new kind of dining experience, one that has the potential to revolutionize how we look at food—or at least our oral fixations.

Steve Carell on Aisle Five

For years, celebrities–like the guy from Aerosmith–have flocked to Marshfield to fade into the idyll of this South Shore hamlet. But ever since Steve Carell bought the old general store, the townsfolk have been in an uncharacteristic tizzy.

My Zen is Better Than Your Zen

With conspicuous consumption now considered ill-advised at best, seeking inner peace has become the one-upsmanship du jour.

Counsel Requests the Right to Appeal

Smokin’-hot lawyer Wendy Savage defends her buzzy turn as a pinup.

Coming to a Sephora Near You: MIT-Engineered Hair Care

Bob Langer and his fellow eggheads at Living Proof fight frizz with advanced science.

The Bling Job

How Alpha Omega founder Raman Handa hid the seamier side of his watch business hidden for so long.

Genies Are Standing By

In the booming business of making wishes come true, nobody’s better than Boston-based Circles and its army of personal concierges. Trouble is, when you promise to do the impossible, people start thinking that’s what they deserve.