Alyssa Vaughn

Staff Writer

Alyssa Vaughn is a staff writer at Boston. A St. Louis native, she moved to the East Coast to study English at Boston College. She currently lives in an apartment perfectly bisected by the Cambridge/Somerville border.


Man Who Made Racist Threats about Harvard’s Black Commencement Sentenced to Prison

Nicholas Zuckerman threatened violence against black students on Harvard’s Instagram page in 2017.


Prosecutors Drop Kevin Spacey Nantucket Assault Case

The actor was accused of buying drinks for and groping an 18-year-old man at a Nantucket bar.

Lightning storm over Boston, Massachusetts

We’re in for Some Severe Storms, Floods, and Potentially Record-Breaking Heat

The apocalyptic weather starts today.


Scenes from the Wednesday Morning Blue Line Shutdown

It wasn’t pretty.


Lawsuit Alleges the Encore Casino Is Cheating Gamblers Out of Winnings

Uh oh.


Here’s How Much Money the Encore Made in Its First Week of Operations

Hint: It’s a lot.


Ayanna Pressley Calls Trump a "Twitter Thug" after Latest Racist Attack

Trump said Pressley, Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, and Tlaib should go back to the "crime infested" places they came from. Pressley says his behavior is "disgusting and unsurprising."

boston skyline

Which Boston Neighborhoods Are the Most Densely Populated?

Use this interactive map to find out.


Look Out, Mayor Pete, Sounds Like Seth Moulton Thinks You’re a Nerd

The Democratic rivals went to Harvard together, but Moulton would like to make it very clear that they did not run in the same social circles.


Ayanna Pressley: Nancy Pelosi’s Take on Progressive Defectors Is "Demoralizing"

"Thank God my mother gave me broad shoulders and a strong back."

wayfair walkout

Wayfair Employees Are Having a Town Hall to Discuss Next Actions

They say executives have not responded to a second petition.


Harvard Suspends Star Economics Professor after Sexual Harassment Complaints

An investigation concluded he engaged in unwelcome sexual conduct toward people.

Ayanna Pressley primary

Ayanna Pressley Has No Patience for Kellyanne Conway

"Keep my name out of your lying mouth."

An overhead shot of a shark

What Is Going on in This Mesmerizing Shark Video?

Are they flirting? Are they fighting? Who won?


Martha’s Vineyard Airport Has Reopened after a Bomb Threat

A bomb sniffing dog was flown in by helicopter to investigate.