Alyssa Vaughn


A St. Louis native, Alyssa Vaughn moved to the East Coast to study English at Boston College. She currently lives in an apartment perfectly bisected by the Cambridge/Somerville border.

City Life

Please, Help Us Find the Secret HOV Lane Cop Tweets

Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack says people are cheating the carpool system using Twitter…somehow.

Arts & Entertainment

Check Out the Peabody Essex Museum’s New Wing—For Free!

Free art, all weekend long.

City Life

Fall River City Council Voted Jasiel Correia Out. What Happens Now?

The Correia circus, explained.

City Life

Rachael Rollins Locks in Her Next Target: The Straight Pride Police

“They’re taking a risk every day when they do their job. I respect and honor that. But my job is not to be their friend.”

City Life

The Remarkably Not-Boring and Thrilling Guide to the Zoning Board of Appeal Scandal

Getting confused about what’s going on? We’re here to help.

City Life

In Major Win for Rachael Rollins, Mass. Supreme Court Says Straight Pride Judge Overstepped

Judge Richard Sinnott had “no authority” in pursuing prosecution of a Straight Pride counterprotester.

Arts & Entertainment

Want to Get Into One of Massachusetts’ Museums for Free?

Mark your calendar for September 21.

City Life

The Straight Pride Judge Shot Someone at City Hall Back in the Day

During a bizarre altercation involving pepper spray and an F15 fighter jet.

City Life

Hurricane Dorian Arrives Friday Night

Here’s what to expect.


Bet You Can’t Guess Which Massachusetts School Won the Wall Street Journal’s College Rankings

It topped the list last year too.

City Life

After Straight Pride, a Showdown Brews Between Rachael Rollins and Boston’s Judges

At issue are the arrests of 36 counterprotesters.

Arts & Entertainment

Benjamin Zander Has Won a South African Lifetime Achievement Award

The Boston Philharmonic Orchestra conductor has delivered speeches and performed in the country numerous times.

storrow drive
City Life

Congrats to 2019 College Parents: You Only Had One Storrowing

The icing on the cake for a relatively orderly move-in weekend.

City Life

Did Cambridge Cave on Carnival Festival Too Quickly over Gun Violence Concerns?

The cancellation came through barely a week before the festival was scheduled to happen.

The route 65 bus at Kenmore state
City Life

Kiss Your Familiar Morning Commute Goodbye: Two Dozen Bus Routes Are Changing

Happy Labor Day, one and all!