Alyssa Vaughn

Staff Writer

Alyssa Vaughn is a staff writer at Boston. A St. Louis native, she moved to the East Coast to study English at Boston College. She currently lives in an apartment perfectly bisected by the Cambridge/Somerville border.

City Life

Photos: Thousands Peacefully Protest Police Brutality at Franklin Park

This was the fourth evening that Boston residents took to the streets in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

City Life

Mayor Walsh on Sunday Night’s Protest Clash: “We Will Not Be Defeated by This”

Walsh said last night’s protest was “overwhelmingly positive”—but called the looting and violence that erupted afterward “an attack on our city.”

City Life

Photos: Boston’s Peaceful Protest Descends into Violence

Thousands of protesters took part in a peaceful protest Sunday—but the evening took a chaotic turn as night fell.

City Life

Reopening in Massachusetts: A Cambridge Dog Groomer with a 125-Pupper Waiting List

They report that dogs are coming in sporting some interesting at-home haircuts.

the thinker
City Life

An Ethicist’s Guide to Thinking Through Your COVID Dilemmas

At a time when even the smallest decisions have consequences, we can all use a little advice.

Boston Public Library
City Life

Is It Safe to Go Back to My Local Library?

Sharing books with our neighbors is nice. Sharing viruses isn’t.

City Life

Pet Owners: Here Are the Reopening Updates That Affect Your Furry Friend

Scruffy’s going to the groomer.

City Life

Businesses May Be Reopening, but That Doesn’t Mean People Are Ready to Go Back

To re-enter the world, we’ll have to re-learn to live with risk.

City Life

As Told To: A Catholic Priest Who’s Visiting COVID Patients Daily

He’s donning a mask and gown to provide the Anointing of the Sick sacrament.

City Life

Now That We’re All at Home, These Boston Businesses Are Stepping Up to the Challenge

The city’s strongest industries seem uniquely well-suited to our new normal.

City Life

Watch: John Krasinski and His Office Costars Recreated the “Forever” Wedding Dance on Zoom

A Maryland couple got the virtual wedding all Pam and Jim fans dream of.

Arts & Entertainment

Your New Quarantine Playlist, Curated by Boston Artists

Dutch Rebelle, Ruby Rose Fox, and more all shared some songs to get you through the shutdown.

City Life

Eight Ways to Celebrate a Socially-Distanced Mother’s Day in Boston

There’s truly no time like now to show the special women in your life how much you care.

Boston University

A BU Student Is Suing the University for a Refund

“The value of any degree issued on the basis of online or pass/fail classes will be diminished for the rest their lives,” the complaint states.

City Life

A New Model Is Predicting “One of the Most Active Atlantic Hurricane Seasons on Record”

Scientists at Penn State are calling for 20 named storms in the Atlantic.