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Andrea Timpano

Editor in Chief, Boston Home & Boston Weddings

Since arriving at Boston in 2013, Andrea Timpano has covered everything from healthcare and home design to Real New England Weddings and real estate. Now the editor in chief of Boston Home and Boston Weddings, she continues to explore the local design and wedding industries while writing for Boston in her spare time.


How Origami Is Helping Researchers Study Tissue Engineering

At Northeastern University.


Somerville-Based Clean Bottle Makes Really Cool Water Bottles

The bottles are easy-to-clean and reusable.


Local Researchers Have Mapped the Human Epigenome

It’s the most comprehensive to date.


Real Weight Loss: Alyssa Boyd

This local event planner has already lost 40 pounds.


Cambridge-Based Company Claims to Help Users Live Longer, Healthier Lives

By analyzing your blood.


A Service Dog Is Helping a Local Fourth Grader with Her Rare Disease

(Wo)man’s best friend.


Researchers Find New Genes Affecting Allergies and Asthma

It could lead to better medications.


Local Researcher’s Study Provides New Evidence Linking Genetics to Obesity

The findings may lead to better treatments.


Researchers Are Developing a New Screening Tool for Ebola

It works like a pregnancy test.


BMC Teaches Patients How to Cook in a Healthy Way

In the hospital’s demonstration kitchen.

City Life

Open for Debate: The Edward M. Kennedy Institute

The new Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate in Dorchester hopes to inspire the next ­generation of civic leaders.


Northeastern Study Sheds Light on Disorders Like Dyslexia

It explores how language is processed in the brain.


A Medford Woman Will Compete in the Strongman World Championships

Events include lifting a car. Seriously.


Many Women Can’t Answer Basic Questions About Their Breast Cancer

According to a new study.


This New Imaging Device Is Like Swallowing a Pill

The camera is the size of a vitamin.