Andrea Timpano

Editor in Chief, Boston Home & Boston Weddings

Since arriving at Boston in 2013, Andrea Timpano has covered everything from healthcare and home design to Real New England Weddings and real estate. Now the editor in chief of Boston Home and Boston Weddings, she continues to explore the local design and wedding industries while writing for Boston in her spare time.

Home & Property

Palettes: Water Feature

Three beach-house-ready mood boards.

Home & Property

Urban Family: Gray Area

Interior designer Dee Elms revamps a Back Bay condo for a family of five.

Home & Property

Back to Nature

Five outdoor living spaces to celebrate summer.

Life & Style

What’s in Store: (New) Mother’s Day

Local spots to help you pamper the mom-to-be.

Life & Style

What’s in Store: On the Nose

Scents for any occasion await at five local fragrance shops.


What’s in Store: Your Strong Suit

Women’s suiting finds its foothold at these local shops.

Home & Property

Q&A: Living on a Prayer

Wolf in Sheep Design’s Alina Wolhardt dishes on the Lucas.

Home & Property

Glory Restored

Local firms breathe new life into historical homes.

Home & Property

Glory Restored Inside a Weston Tudor

A historical home built around 1919 gets a new life.

Home & Property

Glory Restored Inside A Chatham Colonial

A historical home built around 1790 gets a new life.

Home & Property

Glory Restored Inside a Brookline Victorian

A historical home built around 1883 gets a new life.

Home & Property

Palettes: Piece of Work

Three plush mood boards offer home-office inspiration.

Life & Style

What’s in Store: Petal Pushers

Gift-spiration abounds at these local flower emporiums.

Life & Style

What’s in Store: Animal Instinct

Local pet shops that make it easy to care for your four-legged pals.


Standout Venues in Pioneer Valley

Blaze your own trail with a charming celebration in this eclectic wedding destination.