Anne Vickman

A couple transforms an 831-square-foot apartment into a functional — and beautiful — pad fit for two. 

This is a Test: Passing the Bar

Will the latest fitness craze really give you that lithe and toned ballerina body? Anne Vickman gives it a twirl.

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Whether you’re looking for the hottest haute couture or the well-kept treasures of yesteryear, New England has a wealth of spots for a spree.

Sole Revival

The minimalist marathoner’s mantra? Less is more. But the Minimus, New Balance’s ultra-lightweight road shoe, is anything but simple.

Interior designer Megan Young and architect Isamu Kanda transform a South Boston condo into a beachy bachelor pad.

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Natural Beauty

A Room of One’s Own

A warm welcome, please, to the city’s first legit (and much-needed) fashion showroom.