Austyn Ellese Mayfield

Good Sport

This Red Sox–inspired blazer from Boston-based luxury menswear label ECC Life & Style has it all.

L.L. (Cool) Bean

New England’s beloved outdoor brand explores a stylish new frontier.

Debut: JNG Floral Designs

For centuries, flowers have been thought to communicate a language all their own. If that’s so, then Jimmy Guzman of Boston-based JNG Floral Designs is as fluent as they come.

Style Debut: Button-Down Shirts

Some see the traditional white button-down as ­decidedly boring, but Cambridge-based designer and fashion-industry veteran Katiti Kironde sees it as an opportunity to overhaul a closet staple­ long due for an upgrade.

Bling That Thing

The latest in personal grooming is more personal than ever before. Austyn Ellese Mayfield goes in search of her own vajazzle monologue.