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Bill Beuttler

Arts & Entertainment

Wally’s World

Nearly 75 years after the birth of the legendary nightspot, the people who lived it retell the making of the city’s coolest and most important jazz club ever.

City Life

The Kamikaze Candidate?

What do you do if you’re Massachusetts’ third-most-famous member of Congress, and best known for launching a failed coup against Nancy Pelosi? If you’re Seth Moulton, you run for president, of course.

Scott Brown vs. Elizabeth Warren

THIS Is the Most Important Senate Race in the Country?

In-depth profiles of Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren.

Scott Brown

Way More Mr. Nice Guy

Can Scott Brown convince Massachusetts voters to return him to the U.S. Senate just because he’s a good man?

But you already knew that, didn't you? Hard work ceases being a good thing when it takes over everything else in our lives. Here are some reasons that's been happening. And a few thoughts on what we can do about it.

Why Harvard's new president and Cornel West couldn't just get along.

The Boston Globe's old guard balked when an outsider was made editor. Now his “more, better, faster” approach is heating things up.

Everybody wants a piece of Tom Brady. People Magazine. High school girls. Yet even with his Super Bowl ring, Brady will never be the 21st century's answer to playboys like Joe Namath. Dull as it sounds, the Patriots' heartthrob QB car

Robert Woodruff has put nudity in The Duchess of Malfi, fellatio in Phaedra, and Richard II in a dress. what's the new artistic director of the a.r.t. got up his sleeve next?