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Brigid Sweeney

Beate Becker, director of the Design Industry Group of Massachusetts, explains why creative genius is a precious local resource.

Purebread Talent

Purebread Talent: Hillary Dobbs

World-class equestrian (and Harvard senior) Hillary Dobbs saddles up for a breakthrough year.

Upward Bound

A duo with diverging tastes learns to marry tradition and modernity in a South End townhouse.

Design pro Susannah Haesche longs for vintage Swiss prints.

Russ Gerard’s new SoWa gallery combines art, architecture, and science.

wedding jewelry

Rock Stars

These baubles add elegance to any bridal look.

The Wedding Singer

No, not Adam Sandler.

Ballet-Inspired Workouts

Raising the Barre

Brigid Sweeney samples three local ballet-inspired workouts.

On Beacon Hill, a hint of Far East sophistication enlivens a brownstone condo.

Boston design duo Höweler + Yoon redefine the relationship among architecture, electronics, and art.

The Chestnut Hill emporium brings its charming mishmash of home décor and fashion to Dedham.


Delicate Undertakings

Sweet-yet-seductive lingerie.

Toned-down Tone-ups

Boston’s least-torturous (but effective) workouts.

nail polish

Lacquered Up

Nail the perfect polish color.

One Last Shot: Sugar Crash