Chris Sweeney

Chris Sweeney, Senior Editor at Boston Magazine

Chris Sweeney is a senior editor at Boston magazine.

City Life

‘Day of Crisis’ Race Coming to Town

Participants run through simulated disaster zones for charity.


BWH Welcomes Newborn Daughter of Slain Surgeon

A source of joy in an otherwise tragic story.

City Life

Divestment Activists Target BC’s Admitted Students Day

Prospective students and tuition-paying parents may encounter hundreds of protestors.

Arts & Entertainment

Metalhead Sisters from Mexico Want to Go to Berklee

These girls rock.

City Life

AG Confirms F&R Auto Sales Is Under Investigation

You know them from that pizza deliveryman scandal.

City Life

Abdul-Malik Abu: Boston’s Best Contribution to the NCAA Tournament

He makes it OK to root for NC State.


Q&A: Harvard Doc Who Treated Man with Broken Penis

Don’t try to ice it, he says, just get to the ER.

City Life

New Bedford Scientist: 2.9 Million Whales Were Killed in the 20th Century

Grim implications, for sure.


Ebola Concerns Prompt PIH to Evacuate 10 Clinicians

The locally based aid group faces growing challenges.

City Life

Students Demand Harvard Divest from Fossil Fuels

A weeklong campaign of ‘mass civil disobedience’ is planned for April.


Partners in Health Clinician Diagnosed with Ebola

The worker has been transferred to the U.S. for treatment.

City Life

Local Graffiti Artist Arrested, Facing 12 Counts

Ciga allegedly vandalized a vintage train at the Boylston T stop.