Chris Sweeney

Chris Sweeney, Senior Editor at Boston Magazine

Chris Sweeney is a senior editor at Boston magazine.

City Life

Elaine Zecher, Talk of the Temple

The city’s most prominent rabbi on breaking the stained-glass ceiling.

doctor consultation

Mass. Medical Society Drops Opposition to Physician Assisted Suicide

The medical group is now neutral on the issue.

City Life

How Far Would You Go to Save Your Little Girl?

An Ipswich family’s quest to invent a cure for their youngest daughter’s rare genetic disorder.

City Life

Guess Who’s Packing at Dinner?

Inside the secret lives of Massachusetts gun owners.

City Life

The Briefing: Don’t Call Us, Amazon, We’ll Call You

In the competition for Jeff Bezos’s new HQ2, Boston can afford to play hard to get.

City Life

Influencer: Time Out with Wyc Grousbeck

On the benefits of eloping, partying on duck boats, and how to land an All-Star.

City Life

Seven Execs on What You Might Not Know About Their Companies

What is American Tower, anyway?

Arts & Entertainment

Four Book Recs from Local Execs

Spark, On the Road, and more.


Six Execs on How They Destress

Family time is a common theme.

City Life

How to Bring Amazon to Boston

Five influential design and development experts weigh in.

City Life

Five Execs on the Best Thing About Running a Company in Boston

Finding talent? Not a problem.


Seven Execs on Where They Like to Lunch

Oak Long Bar gets multiple mentions.

City Life

The Interview: Rafael Reif

The MIT president wants to take Donald Trump back to science class.

City Life

What Every Exec Should Know or Do, According to Eight Local Leaders

“Know how to be self-deprecating.”

City Life

Seven Execs on the Best Advice They’ve Ever Gotten

Don’t lose your marbles.