Chris Sweeney

Chris Sweeney, Senior Editor at Boston Magazine

Chris Sweeney is a senior editor at Boston magazine.


This Is What TJ Taormina Eats for Breakfast

The radio host describes his (very early) morning meal.

City Life

Love Conquers All

These crossed swords tell a story of reconciliation.

City Life

When Summer Forgot Boston

Snow in June? It happened 200 years ago.

City Life

Hard Pressed

How long can the Herald hang on?

Tedy Bruschi

What’s for Breakfast?

Tedy Bruschi’s an oatmeal guy.

Arts & Entertainment

‘Glass Flowers’ Exhibit Reopening at Harvard

Where spring blooms eternally.


This Is What Ming Tsai Eats for Breakfast

A ‘big ass’ smoothie.

City Life

The Mighty Tree of Harvard Law

Join us for Power Lunch with Charles Ogletree.

Arts & Entertainment

50 Years of ‘Dirty Water’

The surprising origin of our unofficial anthem.

City Life

Coors Light Truck Hits Cyclist in Cambridge

The cyclist was taken to a nearby hospital.


How Purdue Pharma Hooked the Nation on OxyContin

A brutal investigation by the LA Times.

City Life

Gloucester Police Chief to Be Honored at White House

For his fight against the opioid crisis.

City Life

How to Score Legal Weed in Mass.

Happy 4/20!

City Life

Bogged Down

Can Ocean Spray CEO Randy Papadellis save the cranberry business…again?

A marathon medal.
City Life

How the Marathon Began

The first race in 1897 was a mere afterthought—15 men signed up, and only 10 managed to go the distance.