Christina Chu


Christina Chu is a certified personal trainer, a spin instructor, corporate wellness speaker, and clinical nutrition graduate student. She specializes in strength training and trains her clients out of a private studio in Downtown Crossing called NovusFit Studios. You can learn more about her on her Instagram, @christinaychu.
how to barbell bench press

Video: How to Execute the Barbell Bench Press

Grab your spotter and hit the weights.

Thanksgiving day workout

Video: A Thanksgiving Day Workout You Can Do With Your Family

Pumpkin pie will taste that much sweeter afterwards.

barbell back squat

Video: Beginner’s Guide to a Barbell Back Squat

Christina Chu offers these three easy steps.

kettlebell circuit

Video: A Kettlebell Workout

Three circuits, two kettlebells, and one really good workout.

cable machine workout

Video: A Total Body Cable Machine Workout

Barely any set-up is required.