Corby Kummer


Dining Out: Sensing in Boston

Star chef Guy Martin has kept himself scarce since the glitzy opening of his Battery Wharf restaurant. Meanwhile, his deputy is quietly—inventively—turning out serious French fare.


Dining Out: Sportello

Barbara Lynch brings her brand of Italian to a stylish lunch counter in Fort Point Channel. (Butter-phobes, beware.)


Dining Out: Bina Osteria

Pristine ingredients and solid technique keep this dazzling new Italian eatery anchored, even when showy flourishes miss the mark. (And seriously, you’ve got to try the gnocchi.)


Dining Out: Craigie on Main

There’s a reason foodies are flocking to Tony Maws’s sprawling new digs in Central Square: The exquisite locavore grub is guaranteed to fascinate, even when it wanders too far afield.


Dining Out: Erbaluce

Long-lost culinary vet Charles Draghi returns to the scene with a poetic homage to high-art northern Italian. But it’s not for the timid of palate.


Dining Out: L’Espalier

In its flashy new digs, Frank McClelland’s gastro-luxe flagship has lots of room for improvement; cheese cart still matchless.


Dining Out: The Marliave

A Boston classic gets a new lease on life with a dramatic overhaul that might be a bit too ambitious for its own good.

Turkish Delight

Ana Sortun’s new Middle Eastern bakery and café Sofra specializes in morsels of a certain variety. (The kind that’s impossible to stop shoveling into your mouth.)

Wild Irish Ride

Hyde Park newcomer Townsend’s embarks on a global culinary journey by way of Ireland, but the best dishes stick closer to home.


Spanish Ayes

Tradition reigns at Estragon, Julio de Haro’s new temple to classic tapas. But for adventurous palates, the unusual dishes are head-and-cheeks above the rest.

Big-House Bounty

Liberty Hotel hot spot Scampo marks Lydia Shire’s return to the Boston dining scene, powered by robust Italian fare, a vibrant personality, and plenty of garlic and butter.


The South Rises Again

Cambridge’s Hungry Mother serves up terrific fixin’s from below the Mason-Dixon. Just don’t expect pulled pork or fried chicken.


Hits and Myths

Much like its namesake, Fort Point’s Persephone brings new life to a once barren landscape. But an uneven menu and frenzied vibe threaten to abbreviate its season in the sun.


A Mishmashing Success

With its swirling décor, swankified vibe, and overwrought fusion menu, Banq has foodie nightmare written all over it. Funny thing, though: It works.


Frill Factor

With Da Vinci, an acclaimed Waltham chef brings his act to the big city, with warm welcomes, attention to detail…and food that can’t quite shake its suburban feel.