Donna Garlough

Bring your bike—and your appetite. The coastal town yields cycling, eating, and more eating.

Modern Renewal

Planting a personal mini-arboretum takes forethought—and some industrial-strength shovels. 

The Automated House

Local home software company System 7, waiting for the mail guy and locking your own doors are obsolete chores.

cake inspiration

In the Details

Local bakers craft designs to complement the bridesmaids’ gowns.

bling things

Bling Things

Forget the boring solitaire set and plain gold band.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, but how about starting with a color, a dress, or a cake? Three local bakers craft three designs to complement the season’s standout bridesmaids’ gowns.


Battle of the Blooms

Four florists let their creativity run wild.

Wedding editor Donna Garlough gives you her honest advice about wedding party woes.

With an automated seat lifter, formidable water pressure, and a germ-repelling finish, this high-tech toilet may be the best seat in the house.

Wedding editor Donna Garlough gives you her honest advice about going DIY.

The right details turn any setting—ballroom, beach, or country inn—into a fabulous affair. Check out our slide show of the season’s most spectacular themes.

Are couples’ spa treatments romantic—or just plain awkward? One uninitiated pair vows to find out during an hour-long massage at Newbury Street’s luxe Emerge Spa & Salon.

Wedding planning can morph a sane woman into an obsessive stress-case. Donna Garlough pits Zen yoga against a butt-kicking boxing class to find out which trounces tension best.

A sleek, wall-mounted fireplace adds instant warmth.