Doug Most


A Harvard professor falls off a bridge and it’s ruled an accident. But one question lingers.

Fred O'Regan is on a mission to save whales, protect elephants, stop seal hunts, and even relocate polar bears. Just don't call him an animal rights activist.

A day with Little Joe Cook starts at 4 p.m., ends at 4 a.m., and leaves no doubt that he's still the coolest cat in Cambridge

For today's child it's all work and no play (unless, of course, play involves a coach, a team, and a set schedule). Parents are stressed out, and so are their kids. In fact, experts warn, children are on the brink of burning out right before our

For four hours convicted murderer Lewis Dickerson begged the parole board for his freedom. But one thing he said might keep him locked up forever.

Demands are increasing for the United States to seal up its boundary with Canada. But the reality is that the rural New England border will remain an open door to any terrorist determined to sneak across. And the closest major urban area is Boston.

You've heard about this — a lot lately — but you never thought it could happen to you. You're walking down the street when you hear a loud crack. Your last thought: The bullet wasn't meant for you. Then the lights go out.

What doctor would you call if a loved one were sick? We put that question to physicians around Boston, and these are the names that came back most often as the best doctors in 24 specialties.

With billions of dollars at stake, Ivy League researchers are getting caught stealing secrets from their own labs. But is it for the money? Or the fame?

Paintball guns. Broken windows. Stolen signs. Graffiti. Anti-Semitic fliers. Now neighbors are even spying on neighbors to crack the case that tore their town apart. Welcome to Newton.

Almost forty Massachusetts teachers have lost their licenses in the last eight years, most for sexual misconduct. Fifty more are under investigation. Even more scary -- the state has no way of knowing if a teacher molested children someplace else. Why not

Danny Petithory played war his whole life, starting with games of paintball in the Berkshires and ending in the Afghan desert. Here's why one man was willing to die for us.

Sean Galliher had it all: close family, fiancée, Air Force career. Then the cops showed up looking for kiddie porn. Two days later, he hanged himself. It's a story that has rocked his suburban Boston hometown.

Boston may be a medical mecca, but it's a reputation doctors and hospitals protect so fiercely that they're keeping secret the mistakes they make. And what you don't know could hurt you.

It's been 10 years since the state's Education Reform Act was passed, and schoolchildren here are testing, reading, and writing better than ever. But as schools face massive budget cuts this year, forcing students into overcrowded classrooms an