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Francis Storrs

This Old House: An Oral History

On its 30th anniversary, the creators, cast, and (mostly) lucky homeowners of This Old House reveal what the cameras haven’t shown—from how the series almost didn’t get off the ground to who really foots the bill for all those jaw-dropping renovations.

He’s Attorney James Sokolove

And those cheesy ads of his? They’ve done more than make him a pariah and a punch line. They’ve also created an under-the-radar empire that’s about to reinvent the business of ambulance chasing yet again.

A Most Proper Con

For decades, the man who called himself Clark Rockefeller searched for a place where he could lead the life he always felt he deserved. The exclusive story of how he finally found it—at least for a few idyllic months—right here on Beacon Hill.

Scenes from the Grease Wars

How sky-high energy prices and green chic turned Hub restaurants’ used fryer oil into a prize worth fighting dirty for.

New freestanding showers deliver spa-quality pampering straight out of the box.

Some people dream of being able to eat whatever they want without gaining weight. Others hope for world peace. All I want is the perfect lawnmower.


With the empire he created at a crossroads, famously tightlipped Fidelity chairman Ned Johnson is as enigmatic as ever. But though the man himself isn’t talking, what he has been spending his billions on speaks volumes — and might just reveal his plans for Boston’s last business dynasty.

A Stranger In the House of Ayer

To those who met him, Jack Doorly was every bit the Brahmin scion. That he wasn’t didn’t stop him from indulging in a fabulous life allegedly financed by siphoning nearly $60 million from the North Shore fortune he was entrusted to protect. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you’re in charge of the money.

If These Walls Could Talk

Turn your house for sale into one hot property.

Primp My Home

In Lowell, Jack Kerouac has been better off dead.

The Road to Redemption

Think outside the icebox when choosing the biggest appliance in your kitchen.

Keep Your Cool

Burlington-based iRobot is famous for its vacuuming Roombas, but it’s the company’s bomb-busting bots that do the real dirty work. The newest (and toughest) version is just now hitting the streets of Iraq.

Heavy Mettle

What does a blue-collar North End kid turned hedge fund legend do with his prodigious fortune? If you’re Jim Pallotta, you build a 27,000-square-foot mansion to top them all, a Shangri-la capable of turning heads even in the state’s richest to

The House That Ate Weston

For years, the most notorious prostitution ring New England has ever seen ruthlessly exploited runaways like Jackie Pena. It took an FBI agent on his last case to bring the whole thing down.

Lost and Found