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Geoffrey Gagnon

The Gambling Man

As the leader of the Mashpee Wampanoag, Glenn Marshall jump-started the frenzied race to bring casino gambling to Massachusetts—a race a lot of powerful people are now working to make sure he doesn’t win. But the hardheaded ex-Marine has a knack for getting his way. And, like his tribe itself, he’s never afraid of a good fight.

Just when you thought you’d seen it all on the T, a new online show is sprucing up riders.

Charlie’s Angels

How dumb genetic luck (and a box of old books) brought a Kennedy to life and spawned a theatrical hit.

Becoming Bobby Kennedy

Soldiers who say they no longer believe in armed combat come to Louis Font for help getting out of it. That hasn’t made the Brookline lawyer very popular with Army brass. But his own experience in uniform has convinced him that changing the way the

The War Within

A telecom exec and her squad of troubleshooters fire up our citywide WiFi.

It’s the Network

A men’s-only outpost revs up in Copley.

What’s in Store: Porsche Design

To fans he’s the Mad Fisherman, a cocky, rod-wielding Masshole who just won’t shut up. But Charlie Moore would prefer you just call him a star.

Charlie Moore Is Off the Hook