Jon Keller

Having found redemption in the image of his sainted mother, Ted Kennedy gives new meaning to the old saying that a Rose is a Rose is a Rose.

Some power brokers are convinced mayor menino keeps an enemies list. They're wrong. but his reputation for holding grudges is still a potent political weapon.

Who is Michael Sullivan, and why is he suddenly stalking some of the biggest political game in town?

The secrets of how the State House really works, straight from the man who ran it.

Forget this presidential election. Mitt Romney is already running in the next one. Can he win?

Political guru Bob Shrum has more influence than anyone on what comes out of John Kerry's mouth. Even now, he's crafting the most important document of the convention: Kerry's acceptance speech. Considering Shrum's track re-cord, the R

Don't be fooled: Massachusetts Democrats' success doesn't make them any more secure here than they are anywhere else.

This month's New Hampshire primary could be the end of the road for John Kerry's once-promising presidential campaign. How did the former leader of the pack get so far off track?

How the scramble for his Senate seat will play out back home if John F. Kerry wins the White House.

Governor Mitt Romney takes the national stage this month amid rumors that he'll leave his job. Is his understudy, Kerry Healey, ready to step up?

The real story of how the Kerry campaign revived a near-death candidate to win the primaries– and how little Kerry had to do with it.

Imagining a John F. Kerry administration.

The consequences of political patronage were tragically exposed byMassport's failure to thwart the September hijackings. But in Massachusetts, hacking is just politics as usual.

With Joe Moakley gone, the gloves are off in the Ninth Congressional District. The contenders? South Boston versus suburbia.

In the smoke-filled backrooms of Boston politics, acerbic consultant Ed Jesser is the man behind the men.