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Jonathan Soroff


Arts & Entertainment

The Interview: Joey McIntyre

As he gears up for a blockbuster New Kids on the Block show at Fenway Park this summer, Joey McIntyre dishes about teen stardom, Donnie Wahlberg’s dressing-room secrets, and why he’ll always come home to Boston.

City Life

Five Takeaways from a Conversation with Lee Pelton

For more than a decade, Lee Pelton led a renaissance at Emerson College. Now, at the dawn of a new career as president and CEO of the Boston Foundation, he reflects on his accomplishments—and what comes next.

Arts & Entertainment

Five Takeaways from a Conversation with Charlie Moore

After more than a year of doom and gloom, TV’s favorite fisherman wants you to kick back, relax, and have some doggone fun this summer. Seriously.


Boston Traveler: Charleston, South Carolina

Searching for the perfect post-vaccine getaway? A dose of this port city’s southern hospitality may be just what the doctor ordered.

Arts & Entertainment

Five Takeaways from a Conversation with Paul Theroux

With a new book out this month, the novelist and travel writer talks about his famous family, hanging with fellow Medford native Michael Bloomberg, and why all roads lead to the Cape.


Boston Traveler: Palm Beach

What’s old is new again in one of Boston’s most beloved spring-break destinations.


Jason Santos Is Fired up

The Boston chef and Hell’s Kitchen co-star on Yelp burns, bad Chinese food, and the future of the restaurant business.


Boston Traveler: Telluride

Ski season isn’t over yet—especially not at this unspoiled Colorado resort, now just a direct flight away from Boston.

City Life

It Ain’t Easy Being Green

Like so many Bostonians, I used to carry my reusable bags to the grocery store, recycle religiously, and pick up other people’s trash off the ground. Then COVID came along.

City Life

Linda Unbound

The newly minted Globe CEO opens up about navigating the media industry, and life, in a time of turmoil.


The Interview: Jon Santiago

State representative and emergency physician Jon Santiago on how Boston can survive the winter COVID surge.


Boston Traveler: Central Vermont

No need to board a plane when the ultimate honeymoon hideaway happens to be right around the corner.

City Life

The Interview: Tommy Amaker

Teach, lead, serve. These are the words Harvard basketball coach Tommy Amaker lives by. Now he’d like a few words with you.


Boston Traveler: Saint Barthélemy

After a bumpy few years, this posh retreat in the French West Indies is back and better than ever.

City Life

Four More Years?!?

Or, how Boston snowflakes like me will cope if Trump wins…again.