Jean Trounstine

Jean Trounstine is an author/editor of five published books, a professor at Middlesex Community College, and a prison activist. She worked at Jean Trounstine is an author whose most recent book is Boy With a Knife: A Story of Murder, Remorse, and a Prisoner’s Fight for Justice (2016). She is also a professor at Middlesex Community College, and a prison activist who worked at Framingham Women’s Prison for ten years, where she directed eight plays with incarcerated women. Her noted Shakespeare Behind Bars: The Power of Drama in a Women’s Prison is about that work. She co-founded the women’s branch of Changing Lives Through Literature, blogs at, and takes apart the justice system on Twitter @justicewithjean.


Unanswered Questions About the Drug Lab Fiasco

Why are we still in the dark about the mess that will cost us millions?


Whatever Sal DiMasi Deserves, He Doesn’t Deserve This

The case for Medical Release in Massachusetts.


Meet the Newest Parole Board Member

The Governor’s Council confirmed Tonomey Coleman in a 5-3 vote.


The Battle to Bring Back Pell Grants for Prisoners

Why federal funding for college classes in prison would help everyone sleep better.


A New Level of Fashion Police

A little-known law is the key to a new war on ... wait for it ... saggy pants.

Arts & Entertainment

’The House I Live In’ Documents America’s Failed War on Drugs

A free screening of the Sundance award winner will take place Monday.


Can't We Do Better?

There has to be a better way to prevent prison suicides than these embarrassing smocks.


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24,000 prisoners in Massachusetts will spend the holidays behind bars.


What Prisoners Create When They Create Art

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Why Keep Dying Prisoners Behind Bars?

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What Massachusetts Prisoners Blog About

Prisoners often find their voice through blogging, and that’s a good thing.


Unanswered Questions About the State Drug Lab Fiasco

One of the biggest is the continued involvement of Attorney General Martha Coakley.


Prison-Based Gerrymandering

One person, one vote? Not if the Census Bureau continues to miscount prisoners.

governor deval patrick parole board

Time for a Change

The governor has to reform his parole board—now.

Patrick’s Folly

In rushing to fix the system after a police officer was killed by a criminal on parole, our governor is leading us down the wrong path.