Katherine Ozment

Katherine Ozment is a freelance writer with twenty years of publishing experience, including senior editing stints at Boston magazine and National Geographic. Her musings on the ups and downs of raising three children have been published in such venues as The New York Times, Salon, and Babble. Raised in Arkansas and New England, she loves hot yoga, fried catfish, and strong verbs.


DJ Henry, Remembered

Joseph Romanick and other Pace University football players are suing the police. Here’s why.


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Some Halloween costumes take the mini-me phenomenon to the extreme.


The Slipstream of Amanda Knox

How a series of small moves can catapult us from an otherwise normal life.


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Harvard’s Kindness Pledge has some people up in arms. Really.


Helicopter Parents, Take it Easy

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Arts & Entertainment

An Open Letter to SpongeBob

Breaking up with a cartoon after a study says it hurts kids’ brains.


Back to School: Then and Now

In the 1970s, most six-year-olds could walk to the store alone. What happened?


Riders on the Storm

How one mom, a grandma, and three kids weathered Irene.


What My Son Learned Over Summer Vacation

Hint: Not much from the lauded Khan Academy.


My Daughter, the Shoe Bomber

Not really — but the 14-month-old was treated like one during a recent trip out of Logan.


Both Ends of the Scale

In the midst of the childhood obesity epidemic, how are there still malnourished kids in Boston?


Are Safer Playgrounds Still Scary?

The risks of keeping our kids too safe could create phobia-laden adults.


Two Fathers, One Death

Malcolm Astley has displayed grace since his daughter’s murder, but I can’t stop thinking about Tomo Fujita.


What to Expect When You’re Expecting

New research on autism should take some of the guesswork out of being preggo – I hope.


Do Violent Games Cause Aggression?

Food for thought after the Supreme Court lifts the California ban on game sales to minors.