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Lana Fox

City Life

Britney Spears: Still a Blonde

The mega-star should show a little love to her colorist because she’s still able to pack TD Garden.

City Life

Is Sexting a Dangerous Game?

It certainly becomes one when we define ‘safe sex’ only in terms of physical contact.

City Life

When ‘Slut’ Isn’t a Dirty Word

The word ‘slut’ is a facing a similar predicament as ‘bitch’ did some time ago.

City Life

Do Men Who Buy Sex Commit More Crime?

That’s what a new ‘study’ is trying to tell us.

City Life

Tarantino’s Big, Bad Foot Fetish

Director Quentin Tarantino can bring his kinky love of feet to Boston.

City Life

Why Sexpert Betty Dodson Is Wrong

Pornography — like marriage — deserves equal recognition of its many forms.