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Lisa Weidenfeld

Senior Digital Editor at Boston Magazine

Lisa Weidenfeld joined the Boston magazine team in 2015, and has written about the arts, politics, prominent local sea lions, and more.

Arts & Entertainment

There’s a Petition to Bar Casey Affleck from the Oscars

Because of the sexual harassment allegations against him.

Arts & Entertainment

Learn About the Secret Life of the Creator of Wonder Woman

In Professor Marston and the Wonder Women.

Arts & Entertainment

Scott Kelly Spent a Year in Space and Would Go Back Again

The astronaut is in town to discuss his new memoir.

Arts & Entertainment

The MFA Received a Huge Donation of Dutch and Flemish Art

It’s “the largest gift of European paintings in MFA history.”

Arts & Entertainment

The Interview: Matthew Teitelbaum

On the secret to buying art, and more.

City Life

Jeff Immelt Is Officially Out at GE

He stepped down from his chairman responsibilities early.

City Life

The Man Who Found Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Has Died

David Henneberry found Tsarnaev hiding in his boat.

Arts & Entertainment

Community Activists Are Bringing a Huge Mural to Dorchester

See it on a wall at the Pho Hoa Restaurant.

Arts & Entertainment

The Stronger Team Is Aiming for Authenticity

Jake Gyllenhaal did his research.

City Life

Wellesley Welcomes Its First Trans Students

Ninotska Love escaped a kidnapping in Ecuador to attend.

Arts & Entertainment

See a Tiny Matt Damon in the New Trailer for Downsizing

He’s so little!

City Life

Three Mass. Women Used Facebook to Rescue Someone from Hurricane Harvey

Social media for the win.

City Life

A Merry Allston Christmas, One and All

All the best moments of Boston’s favorite Labor Day tradition.

City Life

Rude Caterpillars Have Eaten a Third of Our Forest Canopy

The gypsy moth infestation continues.

City Life

Uber Agreed to Pay Back $210,000 in Toll Fees to Drivers

After overcharging some Mass. drivers for late fees.