Lisa Weidenfeld

Senior Digital Editor at Boston Magazine

Lisa Weidenfeld joined the Boston magazine team in 2015, and has written about the arts, politics, prominent local sea lions, and more.


Rude Caterpillars Have Eaten a Third of Our Forest Canopy

The gypsy moth infestation continues.


Uber Agreed to Pay Back $210,000 in Toll Fees to Drivers

After overcharging some Mass. drivers for late fees.


Target Is Going to Sell $5 Bottles of Wine

Starting in September.

mark zuckerberg

Facebook Will Add 500 Jobs in Cambridge

Polish up that résumé.

Arts & Entertainment

A Norman Rockwell Painting Owned by Debbie Reynolds Is Up for Auction

Someone buy this thing and keep loaning it to the museum, please.


Ron the Sea Lion Pup Is Officially on Public View

Go say hi to our city’s most noble resident.

Arts & Entertainment

WOW Air Is Offering $69 Flights to Europe

You just have to stop in Reykjavik along the way.


Noam Chomsky Is Leaving MIT

He’s heading to the University of Arizona.


How to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

A range of organizations are taking donations currently.


You Might Someday Have to Pay to Drop People Off at Logan

Massport is considering some changes to discourage driving.

Arts & Entertainment

The Esplanade Is Getting a Fancy New Mural

You’ll be able to see it by early September.


Vermont Is the Trolliest State in the Union

According to data from Wired.


Sexual Harassment Complaint Filed Against Felix Arroyo Jr.

The mayor and city of Boston are also named.


Dudley Official in Trouble for Racist Facebook Comment

He’s on paid administrative leave.


Thousands Rally for Social Justice in Boston

Rallies were planned to protest a "Free Speech" event.