Lindsay Tucker

Lindsay is a frequent Boston contributor and the managing editor of Boston Home. Her work has also appeared in the Boston Globe, Yankee, and Newsweek.


Indie-Scent Proposal, Part Deux

Two more spring scents to set you apart from the Chanel No. 5 crowd.


The Make-Up Artist

Wedded bliss takes work, according to therapist Karen Ruskin.

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Dyed in Wool

Exquisite handwoven blankets are crafted right here on the coast of Maine.

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Building Blocks

North Bennet Street School’s sixth president, Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez, talks transformation and what’s in store for the institution.

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Let It Slide

Maine’s Camden Toboggan Company builds wooden sleds for the annual National Toboggan Championship.


Shirts So Good

A Fall River garment maker rolls out a Brooklyn look with plenty of Mass. appeal.

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Mass. Made: Wheel World

Some of the planet’s finest bicycles are made right here in Dorchester.

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Obsessions: Food for Thought

Chef Jody Adams draws inspiration from her worldly travels.

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Artisan: Natural Instincts

An artist’s intricate illustrations bring life to the table.


Fresh Face Forward

Award-winning makeup artist Katrina Hess shares a few of the products she uses to keep brides looking polished for the ceremony, party, and beyond.


It All Adds Up

See how your wedding spending compares with other local couples’ expenditures.

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Carry On

Frank Clegg crafts luxurious leather goods in his Fall River workshop.

Piano wire is wrapped around a hitch pin—the other end of the wire will be threaded through the tuning pin and tightened to pitch
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The Piano Lesson

Haverhill’s Mason & Hamlin creates some of the most coveted instruments in the world.

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Paradise Found

A Boston couple transforms an old New England saltbox into a dream home.

Hard cheese

Bad Breath? Chew on This.

Three quick tips for a healthy mouth.