Madeline Bilis

Associate Editor at Boston Magazine

Madeline Bilis has been a writer and editor at Boston magazine since 2014. She studied journalism at Emerson College and hails from an exciting town outside of Worcester.


Emerson College Has Prohibited the Use of Hoverboards

In part because they’re prone to explosion.


An App from MIT Can Program Everything Around You

It’s called the ‘Reality Editor.’


TBT: When Masked Balls Were Forbidden in Boston

New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball plans = foiled.

cape cod mailman turkey

The Weirdest Thing That Happened This Week

Video of a Cape Cod mailman being chased by turkeys went viral.


Freebird Will Get Rid of Your Cancelled Flight Nightmares

Just in time for holiday travel.


TBT: Happy Birthday, Arthur Fiedler!

He started the fourth of July concert on the Esplanade.

Arts & Entertainment

Three Ways to Celebrate the Boston Tea Party

In case taxation isn’t your cup of tea.


Massachusetts Pharma (and Guns) Fared Well This Year in the Stock Market

From a list of the top-earning stocks.

Arts & Entertainment

The Best Holiday Decorations Around Town

Decking the halls with lights, bows, and wreaths galore.

Home & Property

Five Spite Houses in New England

They were built out of ill will.

Arts & Entertainment

Four Things You Didn’t Know About Moby-Dick

In the Heart of the Sea premieres tomorrow.


Mark Zuckerberg Sends a Message to Muslim Facebook Users

’We will fight to protect your rights.’


Boston Has Some of the Best Places to Work in the U.S.

Job hunters, be advised.


TBT: When Flying Santa Dropped Presents to Lighthouse Keepers

Santa still flies today.

Arts & Entertainment

How to Make an Amazing Gingerbread House

According to the pros.