Madeline Bilis

Associate Editor at Boston Magazine

Madeline Bilis has been a writer and editor at Boston magazine since 2014. She studied journalism at Emerson College and hails from an exciting town outside of Worcester.


Mark Zuckerberg Sends a Message to Muslim Facebook Users

’We will fight to protect your rights.’


Boston Has Some of the Best Places to Work in the U.S.

Job hunters, be advised.


TBT: When Flying Santa Dropped Presents to Lighthouse Keepers

Santa still flies today.

Arts & Entertainment

How to Make an Amazing Gingerbread House

According to the pros.


Grandmother Cited for Driving for Uber in Portsmouth Wants a Trial

She appeared in court yesterday.

Home & Property

Five Top Places to See Christmas Lights

These five ’hoods have the best displays in town.


The MBTAgifts Warehouse Is Closing This Month

It’s moving to a new location next year.


Kayak Cofounder Paul English Is Introducing His New Venture, Lola

He drove for Uber with his Tesla to research for the idea.


TBT: Boston’s Helping Hand After a Disaster in Nova Scotia

They send us a tree each year to say thanks.


The Salvation Army Is Testing Credit Card Enabled Kettles

They’re being made in Boston by a company called DipJar.


The Making of a Seed Bank

Cataloging all of the region’s rare plants by 2020.


Ed Davis Joins Uber’s Safety Board

He says he’s happy to be associated with the company.

Arts & Entertainment

Your Guide to Black Friday and Small Business Saturday

Get ready to save some $$$.


Part of the Charles Hotel Ice Rink Has Gone Missing

There won’t be ice skating this season.


Google Maps Says Tuesday Is Boston’s Worst Day for Thanksgiving Travel

For everywhere else in the country, it’s Wednesday.