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Matthew Reed Baker

Arts & Entertainment

Lights, Camera, Action!

Everything you need to do and see this season.

City Life

In Boston, Is It Polite To Wave at People You Don’t Know?

At least part of our aversion to ingratiating behavior can be attributed to regional identity.

Arts & Entertainment

What Is the Greatest Boston Summer Jam of All Time?

It has to be by a musical goddess with summer in her name.


Do Famous People Really Give the Best Commencement Speeches?

‘Tis the season for A-list lectern bloviation, and all the joy and yawning that comes with it.

City Life

What’s the Best April Fools’ Day Joke in Local History?

The best pranks balance boldness and harmlessness—like MIT’s stunt in 1998.

City Life

Is Mud Season Really a Thing?

In northern New England, it’s a way of life.

road signs for massachusetts towns
City Life

Why Are So Many Mass. Towns Pronounced Differently than They’re Spelled?

The answer comes from across the pond.

City Life

Why Is Connecticut Always Excluded From Talk of New England?

The oft-neglected New England state boasts verdant forests, tidy town commons, a rich nautical heritage, and a vibrant literary culture.


How Did Roast Beef Sandwiches Become a North Shore Icon?

The Bay State has a penchant for clinging to history, and we’ve never let go of this seminal sandwich.

Arts & Entertainment

Who Are Those People in Historical Dress in Downtown Boston?

The contrast between ye olde and the new is utterly, quirkily Boston. But what does it take to become one of these historical interpreters?

Arts & Entertainment

If You Keep Turning Right, Can You Make It Out of Any Corn Maze?

The secret to navigating any of the dozens of corn mazes sprawling across New England might not be the method at all— but the execution.


What’s a Massachusetts-Style Hot Dog, and Why Haven’t We Heard of It?

Every seasoned grill professional knows about Chicago and New York dogs. But what about the Bay State variety?

Arts & Entertainment

Where Can I Find Some Great Car Culture in New England?

There are plenty of high-octane day trips right here where you can rev your engines.

City Life

How Can I Protect My Garden from Rampaging Rabbits?

Eastern cottontails have been crowding out native New England cottontails since the late 1800s. How can we protect our home gardens from the furry reapers?


Is Legal Sea Foods Still Considered “Boston-Based?”

Even though they were recently acquired by international private equity firm Danu Partners.