Matthew Reed Baker


Face-Off: Who Won It Best?

Robert Kraft versus John Henry: Which billionaire owner reigns supreme?


Why Does Boston Still Accept a Christmas Tree from Nova Scotia Every Year?

Nova Scotia has shown its gratitude for Boston’s aid after the great Halifax Explosion by giving our city a Christmas tree every winter. Isn’t it time we consider the debt paid and get a local tree?


One Last Question: Why Is Logan Airport in East Boston?

East Boston seems like a weird place for an airport. So how did it get there in the first place?

Arts & Entertainment

The Must List

Seven can’t-miss things to do and see this month.


One Last Question: Where Should I Watch the Head of the Charles?

It’s hard to fully appreciate the races when you don’t know much about rowing. So where along the course can a casual viewer get the best thrill?


Why Are Our Sports More Important Than Our Arts?

In the City of Champions, culture is sliding into last place. Here’s what we need to do to make a comeback.


One Last Question: What’s the Best Word to Replace “Trump”?

The word has many meanings. Whichever definition pleases you most says a bit about your politics, but also a lot about how you need to just let some words be.


One Last Question: Is the Boston Terrier Really from Boston?

Did this adorable little dog truly come from our city?


One Last Question

Can I take a dip in Boston’s rivers?

Shakespeare in War

For two nights in Afghanistan last year, a local actor brought the Bard to the battle.

Arts Beat: A Beat of her Own

After decades of trying, a Berklee jazz professor finds her sound.

The Must List

This month’s not-be missed happenings

Movers and Shakers

Shake your thing (demurely) at ArtsEmerson’s new musical.

Arts Beat: Nanjing Revisited

A Boston author explores his homeland’s trauma.

The Arts Beat: The Mighty Return

The Bosstones are back and they have charisma to burn.