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Matthew Reed Baker

Arts & Entertainment

16 Things We Can’t Wait to Do This Spring and Early Summer

A highly subjective list of concerts, comedians, movies, and more you need to see this season.

Arts & Entertainment

The MFA’s “Korean Wave” Exhibit Is Thrilling

A exuberant showcase of Korean culture, old and new, comes to Boston.

Arts & Entertainment

Has Boston Gone Country?

Like it or not, the honky-tonk sound of the South is taking over Rock City. We’ve come a long way, cowboy.

Arts & Entertainment

Fall Arts Preview: Haute Couture and John Singer Sargent

The Museum of Fine Arts presents a fashion show as seen through the brushwork of a 19th-century great.

Arts & Entertainment

The Huntington Theatre Company Starts Its First Full Season under a New Leader

Four exuberantly thoughtful productions open this autumn, courtesy of artistic director Loretta Greco.

Arts & Entertainment

Fall Arts Preview: 18 Things We Can’t Wait to Do This Season

It’s time for a fresh slate of music, theater, and museum exhibitions.

Arts & Entertainment

What Is the Greatest Boston Summer Jam of All Time?

It has to be by a musical goddess with summer in her name.

Arts & Entertainment

18 Things We Can’t Wait To Do this Spring and Early Summer

Our highly subjective list of the arts events you shouldn’t miss this season.

Arts & Entertainment

By the Way, There’s a Work of Art Made of Human Hair in Salem

Chinese-born artist Gu Wenda used real follicles to recreate 188 national flags—and you can see the hirsute installation at the Peabody Essex Museum.

Arts & Entertainment

The Independent Film Festival Boston Turns 20

Our homegrown indie-flick fête celebrates two decades this spring.

Arts & Entertainment

Lights, Camera, Action!

Everything you need to do and see this season.

City Life

In Boston, Is It Polite To Wave at People You Don’t Know?

At least part of our aversion to ingratiating behavior can be attributed to regional identity.


Do Famous People Really Give the Best Commencement Speeches?

‘Tis the season for A-list lectern bloviation, and all the joy and yawning that comes with it.

City Life

What’s the Best April Fools’ Day Joke in Local History?

The best pranks balance boldness and harmlessness—like MIT’s stunt in 1998.

City Life

Is Mud Season Really a Thing?

In northern New England, it’s a way of life.