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Matthew Reed Baker

City Life

Could There Be Buried Treasure underneath Boston?

As popular lore would have it, the Boston area may be home to the bounties of Captain Kidd and Thomas Veale.


Why Is Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy So Popular in Maine?

How a Boston-brewed liqueur became a cultural rite of passage in the Pine Tree State.


How Did the Shoe Industry Get to Be So Big in Massachusetts?

You can’t run away from the biggest names in sneakers.

Arts & Entertainment

What Aspects of a Normal New England Summer Will You Miss the Most?

And in the absence of normality, what do we have to look forward to this season?


Is There an Iconic New England Method of Grilling?

Andy Husbands, chef and owner of the Smoke Shop, weighs in.

City Life

How Did the PawSox End up in Pawtucket, RI, Anyway?

As the Red Sox prepare to move their top minor-league team from Pawtucket to Worcester, dive into the history behind Rhode Island’s McCoy Stadium.

City Life

What’s the Most “Boston” Thing That Happened This Decade?

As it turns out, Boston will not host the 2024 Summer Olympics.

"Blink" light show Quincy Market
Arts & Entertainment

How Does Quincy Market Put on the “Blink” Light Show?

It’s all thanks to the engineers in charge at the Dover-based firm DesignLight.

City Life

Are We Living in the Most Corrupt Era of Our State’s History?

Turns out, scandals have been in the news since the very beginning.

City Life

What’s Up with the Patriots and Shaving Brands?

Starting with late ’80s owner Robert Kiam and his Remington razors, the Patriots have a history with popular shaving brands.

Arts & Entertainment

Who Is Berklee College’s Greatest Musical Alum?

From TV composers to rock superstars, the esteemed music school has pumped out generations of melodic prodigies.

City Life

Does Boston Have Its Worst Traffic Jams of the Year in August?

According to a WBZ NewsRadio reporter, it’s impossible to predict.

City Life

What’s the Most Dangerous Insect in New England?

Spoiler alert: It’s the ones that carry Lyme disease.

City Life

How Old Are the “Don’t Dump” Plaques Next to Boston’s Storm Drains?

As it turns out, not very.

Arts & Entertainment

The Must List

Seven can’t-miss things to do, see, and read this month.