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Matthew Reed Baker

Why American Idol Will Rescue Aerosmith

The hot mess that goes by the name Steven Tyler will make his debut as an American Idol judge.

Hall Monitor

This month, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announces its latest class of inductees. Among the 15 performers and groups vying for canonization are Dorchester’s own Donna Summer and the guys from the J. Geils Band, who first got together in Worcester. Here, we chart their chances of making the cut.

Arts & Entertainment

The Making of a Masterpiece

Over the past decade, the Museum of Fine Arts has raised more than $500 million as part of an ambitious plan to reinvent itself. This month, the public finally gets to see what a half-billion dollars gets you these days.

The Trouble With Barney

Kiddie shows may seem sweet, but they can leave some families awfully unsatisfied.

The Arts Beat: Can Dog Biscotti Save Downtown Crossing?

Top of Mind: Ken Casey

Dropkick Murphys Frontman, Publican, Philanthropist, Lucky Bastard, 41, Hingham

Interview: Sherrie Floyd Cutler, Senior Aquarist at the New England Aquarium

Omnivore: Hatfield’s Quiet Farewell?

When indie-rock icon Juliana Hatfield puts out Peace & Love on 2/16, fans will find her usual well-crafted songs but a different approach. Hatfield played every instrument, producing and engineering the album herself in the back room of her Central Square apartment—and at 42, she isn’t sure when, or if, she’ll make another one.

Genius Explained Hollywood Endings

Genius, Explained: Hollywood Endings

With the release of Shutter Island, Dennis Lehane reveals how his novels keep getting made into great movies.

Then & Now The Combat Zone

Then & Now: The Combat Zone

A photography exhibit remembers the city’s red-light district, while a new generation of Hub photographers shoots its cleaned-up streets.

Juicing the Bottom Line

Juicing The Bottom Line

How the “Straight from the Bog” ad campaign revived Ocean Spray and made cranberry farmers cultural icons.

Living History, Part 1

Ted Kennedy, remembered.

$1,000 for an office chair? Why some wheeled wonders are worth their extravagant price tags.

Caped Creators

By day, they’re some of our most talented painters, sculptors, and mixed-media virtuosos. By night (actually, one late afternoon on the Southie waterfront), Boston’s self-appointed Superheroes of Art turn themselves into masked warriors, out to avenge a New Yorker’s put-down and win the city’s creative scene the respect it deserves.