Maureen Tkacik

A Crash Course in Crisis Economics*

*Starring (to the extent, for good or for ill, that any of this can come down to one person, which as we’ll see is only so much) Barney Frank.

Straight Outta Weston

Pat Demling has seen her Hip Zepi stores get robbed, shot up, and blasted by the mayor for selling “Stop Snitchin’” T-shirts. She’s beloved by her employees, and resented by customers who say she’s exploiting the poor. It’s a tricky business, being a white, Republican, tennis-loving, one-time suburban mom running a growing hip-hop-wear empire.

The shocking, supposedly true confessions John Perkins has written about the double life he once led place a defunct Boston company at the center of a shadowy network that secretly controls world affairs. But just because his unlikely bestseller is fil