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Pagan Kennedy

The Joy Lock Club

Schuyler Towne can pick a lock faster than just about anyone. Now he’s planning to break into the big time.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Local researchers are on the hunt for the scientific underpinnings of human joy. Our writer enters a world where the formula for unending bliss may be just a click away.

The End is Near Inc.

Chris Martenson thinks you should turn your house into a bunker, raise some chickens, and stockpile gold in case the economy really implodes. He quit corporate Americas to life such a life, and now thousands of internet followers are buying the message.

Hooking Up with the Joneses

If you believe the cocktail chatter, swinging is alive and very well in Cohasset, Needham, Marblehead, and everywhere in between. Suburban legend? Or are your neighbors, and their neighbors, really getting it on? Pagan Kennedy went to find out for herself.