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Patti Hartigan

Arts & Entertainment

Art Imitates Life

Melinda Lopez’s new play might be her most profound yet.

Arts & Entertainment

Can Boston Creates Change the City’s Arts Scene?

Questions remain, after the official unveiling.

Arts & Entertainment

Creative Crisis

Marty Walsh’s master plan, one year later.

City Life

Unelected Power

The Barr Foundation is everywhere. Who’s behind all that money?

Arts & Entertainment

Curtains for the Theater District?

The city’s historic stages are in crisis.

Arts & Entertainment

Stephen Sondheim Thinks Getting Rid of the Colonial Would Be ‘A Crime’

‘It’s a treasure.’

Arts & Entertainment

Malcolm Rogers Has Left the Building

Which raises the question: Did he save the MFA? Or ruin it?

Arts & Entertainment

There Is No “I” in Theater

Can a single theater spur a citywide debate about race, gender, and class?