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Paul Flannery

A Likeness to Fit the Bill

Bill Russell’s finally getting the damn statue. But what should it look like?

Person of Interest: Charles Czeisler

Meet the Boston doc — no, not Rivers — responsible for keeping the Celtics perked up in the playoffs.

Give Bill Russell a Damn Statue!

The greatest (and most complicated) Celtic of them all, may not care one way or the other if his bronzed image goes up outside the Garden. But in a city with a past as complicated as our own, we should.

Paul Levy, Man on a Missive

To run a better hospital, the Beth Israel boss became a better blogger.

The animé origins of Hideki Okajima’s super-windup.

Kevin Garnett, By the Numbers

And algorithms. And weighted averages. And regression analysis. And assorted new-age basketball stats that prove why the man who restored Celtic pride is also the most valuable player on the planet.

Stitched? Or fused? The two types of men’s suits look alike. But one tends to get a bit rough around the edges. Which is worth the investment—and how to tell them apart.

The Breakdown: How to Buy a Suit