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Rachel Levitt

Lofts to Talk About

Lofts to Talk About

Catching up with the ongoing renewal of Fort Point.

Modern Influences

Two art-loving Bostonians draw on their world-class collection to transform a Back Bay condo into a masterpiece.

When a stay-at-home mom and her husband bought a Newton fixer-upper, she got the chance to show off some serious design moxie.

Two local design masters make themselves at home in a Colonial Revival.

Battle of the Condo Buildings

Battle of the Condo Buildings

How three of the city’s swankiest properties stack up.


The Haute Wedding

Jill Person explains why a custom-crafted scrapbook is worth the buy.

Take Two

Take Two

While owners looking to expand their home—or even simply to modernize it—may be tempted to rebuild from the ground up, these local case studies show how you can create a dream house (and keep the local zoning board happy) by thinking inside the box.


Rewind the Lines

Rachel Levitt tests three anti-aging facials.

wedding invitation inspiration

The $25,400 Invitation Set

Just how elaborately can you beckon guests to your party?

Why imperfection, wisdom, and honesty are this decade’s design coda.

Somerville-based architect Brian Healy has waited decades for New Englanders to embrace his modernist style.

Distinctive ironwork highlights a neighborhood’s rich design history.

A Boston architect designs a dramatic second home—for the second time—as a labor of love for his violinist wife. 

How one suburban Philadelphia family made a home in the country’s rugged Northeast.

Home Design: The New Cozy

With “going out” and “getting away” feeling like relics of a more carefree era, today’s homeowners are creating all-inclusive retreats within their own four walls.