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Rebecca G. Dorr

Cape Cod Guide 2010: Falmouth

Bypass Falmouth for towns farther from the bridges, and you’ll miss out on a boatload (literally) of fun.

Living History, Part 1

Ted Kennedy, remembered.

Making Pictures

Boston photographer John Goodman has earned a national reputation with his striking, revelatory portraits. In this portfolio of highlights spanning more than 30 years, he provides a rare glimpse into what the photographs don’t show.

Arts & Entertainment

Out of nowhere, our indie movie festival has become one of the nation’s best.

Pop! Goes the Film Fest

Can one man’s crusade clear our arteries?

Ban Leader

For 80 years it has been a playground for Brahmins and boldface names, a repository of tall tales and fierce loyalties. This month, as the Arlington Street landmark is rechristened the Taj Boston, we have to ask: By any other name, will the Ritz still be

Last Call at the Ritz