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Richard Bradley

Financial Genius— or a Fake?

Young, African American, and rich, Buddy Fletcher was a dream alumnus for Harvard—a Wall Street philanthropist who gave millions to endow professors and support civil rights. And then his whole world came tumbling down.

Love the Kennedys and Nobody Gets Hurt

America’s most famous family will do whatever is necessary to shut down media portrayals it objects to. Just look at what happened to my book.

Drew Gilpin Faust and the Incredible Shrinking Harvard

Suddenly, unthinkably, the World’s Richest University finds itself forced to reconsider what it can afford to be. (Losing $11 billion will do that.) But if its president has a master plan for leading the school out of its financial crisis—other than letting Larry Summers take the blame—she’s keeping it to herself.

Harvard Prez Left Blushing Crimson

Can Drew Gilpin Faust take the faculty’s heat?

The inside story of how blundering, lies, and revenge brought down Harvard president Larry Summers.

The Crimson Coup

Harvard President Lawrence Summers says his comments about women's innate talents (or lack thereof) were mere intellectual provocation. Women the world over disagreed. Now Summers finds himself on the defensive, while a divided university debates jus