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Richard Chudy

Man Food: Man, Food, Fire at Harvard

Man Food heads to Harvard’s Peabody Museum for an education in all things BBQ.


Man Food: The Red-Eyed Pig

At the West Roxbury bbq joint, the menu descriptions are often better than the food itself.


Man Food: Eat Your Way Through Fenway, Man Food-Style

From tortas to tacos to buttery biscuits, a thorough guide to pre- and post-game eats.


Man Food: The ’Kenny Mother Effing Powers’ Burger at The Gallows

Combined on one platter, a burger, pulled pork, BBQ sauce, and poutine make for an awesomely gut-busting meal.


Man Food: China King

Contributor Richard Chudy becomes a fan of fried pig intestines.


Man Food: Fill Belly’s

While the mac and soul casserole is packed with flavor, the rest of the comfort food underwhelms.

Garlic n' Lemons shawarma

Man Food: Garlic ’n Lemons

The spicy chicken shawarma warrants the trip out to Allston.


Man Food: East by Northeast

The egg-on-bread breakfast sammie gets an Asian twist at the Inman Square restaurant.


Man Food: Abigail’s

Topped with a fried egg and melty American cheese, the BBQ Brisket sandwich is a home run.


Man Food: Vito’s Tavern

Contributor Richard Chudy gives the classic and not-so-classic wings a try at Vito’s Tavern.

fish taco

Man Food: El Pelon Tacqueria

Contributor Richard Chudy tests out the fish tacos at the beloved Fenway spot.


Man Food: Pierogi at Café Polonia

Contributor Richard Chudy tackles the food of his homeland.

roast beast

Man Food: Roast Beast

Contributor Richard Chudy heads to Allston for the ultimate roast beef sandwich.


Man Food: The Lamb Skewer at Santarpio’s

Contributor Richard Chudy decides that there’s more to the legendary pizza place than just the pies.


Man Food: Bon Chon

Contributor Richard Chudy shares the wealth when it comes to finding the perfect fried chicken.