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Rowan Jacobsen


City Life

The Future of Clean, Green Energy Is Here in Boston

The city’s brightest minds have a daring plan to create new forms of energy with the potential to save the planet from climate disaster. But tick tock—time is slipping away.

City Life

Here Come the Little Green Men

Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb believes he may have seen a UFO hurtling through our solar system—and he’s arguably the nation’s most famous, and controversial, scientist because of it. Could he possibly be right?

City Life

Science or Censorship?

The Broad Institute’s Alina Chan believes COVID-19 could have escaped from a Chinese lab. What if it’s not as wild a theory as the world’s preeminent scientists say it is?


We Don’t Care How They Do It in California

New England’s new natural wines are changing the tastes of a generation. Don’t believe it? You must be over 40.