Rachel Slade

Rachel arrived at Boston magazine in 2007, fresh from a career in architecture, to helm its multi-award-winning design quarterly, Boston Home. Since then, she's become a vocal critic of the city's real estate policies and earned a CRMA award in civic journalism for her investigative piece on the Boston Redevelopment Authority in 2014.

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Intergalactic Aliens and Human Volanoes

This year’s IIDA New England fashion competition Coutourism 2016 blew our minds.

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Q&A: Interior Designer Liz Caan

On how the industry has changed and why she hates Pinterest.

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Found Art

Strange Flower by Jennifer Maestre.

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Spaces: Fresh Start

A windowless kitchen is transformed into a bright and airy chef’s dream.

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Weekender: Amsterdam

Enjoy car-free living, incomparable art, and exciting new boutique hotels.


The Charter Choice

Here’s what you need to know about the charter schools debate.

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Jacqueline of All Trades

A Dorchester-based developer creates top-notch properties with an eye toward sustainability.

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Boston Is Getting Really Expensive

How did we get here?

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On the Mark

Check out the ’Monaco’ dartboard.

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Branching Out

Let this cheerful spray of branches fill the void in your fireplace.

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Get This: Sharp Seat

A haute couture chair by Alexander McQueen and Barlas Baylar.

state house
Arts & Entertainment

The Future Looks Bright

Fallout 4 depicts a post-apocalyptic Boston.

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This Arch Is Not So Triumphant

The design of 380 Stuart Street is a lot more than we bargained for.


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Get This: ’Cloud XL 37’ Light from Apparatus

Go all aglow.