Spencer Buell

Staff Writer at Boston Magazine


Emerson Hospital’s Tom Ruggles Is the Spirit of the Holidays

The ukulele-playing 89-year-old sings to patients in a Santa hat and light-up bowtie.


A Little Snow Is on the Way, and then Maybe a White Christmas

Some light snow and freezing rain is forecast for Boston on Friday.

Arts & Entertainment

A Petition Seeks to Cut Matt Damon From Ocean’s 8

The star has come under fire for comments about the #MeToo movement.


Curt Schilling’s Hurricane Relief Trailer Never Made It to Texas

This is what happens when 38 does philanthropy.


A Shortage of IV Fluid Is Hitting Massachusetts Hospitals

Adjustments are being made amid a national problem.


Tufts and Nurses Have Reached a Post-Strike Deal

The hospital and union agree on a contract five months after an historic strike.


A Cat Rescued from an East Boston Fire "Is Doing Just Fine"

Some good news about the internet-famous feline.


Boston Will Have Fireworks on New Year’s Eve Again

The essential First Night component will return.


A 100-Foot Joint Will Be Rolled in Worcester

The potentially record-breaking doobie will be unveiled at the Harvest Cup.


The FBI May Be Looking into Stan Rosenberg’s Husband

The investigation has apparently gotten more serious.


Ed Markey Wants to Lead the Fight to Bring Back Net Neutrality

He’s got a Senate resolution that would reverse the FCC’s decision.


Bill Galvin Doesn’t Want You to Buy Bitcoin

The secretary of state is warning of a possible impending "disaster."

Former Gov. Deval Patrick speaks at a lecturn

Deval Patrick’s Brother-in-Law Arrested for Sexual Assault

Now accused of rape, Bernard Sigh was at the center of a controversy when Patrick was governor.


Mass. Dems on Doug Jones’ Win: "It’s a Proud Night for America"

Local pols are gleeful after the upset victory.


Charlie Baker Says He Doesn’t Support Roy Moore, Keeps Funneling Money to the RNC

Baker’s stern words opposing the candidate are just that: words.