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Food + Entertainment Editor


Why Does the North End Keep Catching Heat for Flouting COVID Rules?

Emergency hearings, viral videos, and defiant owners frustrate restaurants that are trying to follow regulations.


Year in Review: 12 Headlines that Defined Boston’s Dining Scene in 2020

Thousands of tragic restaurant closings, one extremely divisive opening, Phantom Gourmet gets booed, and more remembrances from a time to forget.


“The Pandemic Radically Changed Things”: Legal Sea Foods’ Roger Berkowitz on Selling His Restaurant Empire

The decades-spanning family business now belongs to a new hospitality group that’s been quickly acquiring Boston-based brands.


I Tried It: Mariah Carey’s Cookies Vs. DJ Steve Aoki’s Pizzas

Two star-associated eats are now available for delivery in Boston. Here’s our tongue-in-cheek take on who wins.


10 Boston Restaurants Offering Great Takeout for Christmas

Leave roast beast to the Grinch. Here you’ll find Peruvian duck ceviche, barbecued turkey, a Feast of Seven Pastas, and more.


Without Aid, an “Extinction” Level Event Is Coming for Boston Restaurants This Winter

Patio season is ending. New curfews have cut business. If bureaucrats don’t act now, an abandoned industry faces dire prospects.


Be Awed by the TurDunkin, a Coolatta-Brined, Munchkin-Stuffed Thanksgiving Feast

Yes, someone came up with this. Yes, there’s a recipe. Yes, you’re bored enough.

City Life

Could the Social-Distancing Era Make New Englanders More Friendly?

Isolating times has made me much chattier with strangers—and I’m not alone. Here’s why that’s a good thing.


16 Not-So-Traditional Thanksgiving Takeout Packages in Boston

Aussie meat pies, Italian feasts, turkey pad kra pao, cannabis cuisine, and more fun, unique feasts for a most unusual year.


Here’s How to Score 60-Plus Dining Deals While Helping to Save Boston Restaurants

Boston magazine’s Taste Passport program unlocks free food, supports a vital advocacy organization, and earns you entry to virtual chef events.


Where to Eat Now: The 25 Hottest Spots for Street Food, Gourmet Takeout, and More

All of the takeout in the world isn’t going to save your favorite restaurant. Where does that leave Boston? With the chance to rethink, rebuild, and make our food scene even better than before.


The Year That Changed Dining Forever

All of the takeout in the world isn’t going to save your favorite restaurant.


The Not-So-Amazing Race: Inside the Mad Scramble for Restaurant Patio Heaters

The rush has ignited, but desperate operators won’t be saved by al fresco dining alone.


11 Halloween Candy-Inspired Things to Eat and Drink at Boston Restaurants

Takeout is the new trick-or-treating thanks to candy corn ice cream, Skittles-covered doughnuts, and Snickers-inspired cocktails.


Nine Pumpkin Spice-Inspired Plates to Try Around Boston

Hold the PSL. Order these raviolis, pancakes, and ice cream scoops instead.