Shannon Fischer

Shannon came to Boston after too many years at the lab bench topped with a stint in science and medical writing at Boston University. Her favorite part of the brain is the hypothalamus and she's looking forward to the time when she can fly her car to work (she's thinking no later than 2017). Fischer loves to blog about science, geekery, innovation, medicine and anything else she can think of for her weekly Geek Beat column.


About Face

What if one theory that helped shape how we practice psychology, do police work, and even fight terrorism—is wrong?

Home & Property

Global Reach

An art conservator maps worlds real and imagined.


Boston’s War Machines

Boston Dynamic has gone viral again, but iRobot’s stock is on the floor.

Arts & Entertainment

Shark Week’s Not My Thing

... but that doesn’t mean I’m not delighted for a good reason to talk to an expert on the subject.


Straightening My Hair With Science!

How an MIT professor created a new haircare line in his spare time.