Shannon Fischer

Shannon came to Boston after too many years at the lab bench topped with a stint in science and medical writing at Boston University. Her favorite part of the brain is the hypothalamus and she's looking forward to the time when she can fly her car to work (she's thinking no later than 2017). Fischer loves to blog about science, geekery, innovation, medicine and anything else she can think of for her weekly Geek Beat column.


Nerds Need Love, Too

New Scientist has launched a new dating site; is Scientific American far behind?


Irene Prep, Masshole Style

When the city says to get water, we get water. And then we get the beer to chase it with.


When is a Face Hot or Not?

An explanation for the enhanced appeal of Johnny Depp in eyeliner.


Paint it Black

How I painted my wall with car tire reinforcer and cement.


GQ Strikes Again

This time, it’s Mark Zuckerberg and Seth Priebatsch making the worst-dressed list.

Arts & Entertainment

Shark Week’s Not My Thing

... but that doesn’t mean I’m not delighted for a good reason to talk to an expert on the subject.


The Great Aaron Swartz Debate

Swartz’s indictment for theft after hacking M.I.T.’s computer system reopens the open-access debate.


The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Could Be Made of ... Humans

Human-derived gelatin is food for thought, but maybe not food for me.

Arts & Entertainment

Our Robots Are Getting Weird

Seriously. What are we thinking, folks?


Optogenetics: Hitting Warp Speed

Three more awesome, Star Wars-esque studies that have come out of MIT labs and elsewhere (think: mind control).


It’s True: Women Have Better Gaydar

... and other lady superpowers that emerge each month.


Test Tube Threads

Meet Liz O’Day: Harvard scientist by day, fashion designer by night.


Reconsidering Your Morning Jolt

Your daily cuppa is so much more than filtered water with a kick of caffeine.


This Is Your Brain. And this Is Your Brain on Gossip.

A Northeastern University prof discovers the visual impact of talking behind someone’s back.


Counting Sheep

The greater Boston area has produced a fully accessorized outfit — minus the pants — of sleep-tracking devices.